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"I contacted Noemi on Linkedin because I was curious about her career portfolio and her profile and thought we had interests in common. I started coaching sessions with her and absolutely loved working with Noemi. She is a very perceptive person, even behind a screen she could pick up expressions, body language and language and I felt seen and understood, although we had never met in person. Noemi can really listen and, a rare quality, she does it without projecting her opinions, herself or her experiences. She really tries to understand and ask relevant questions which make you reflect and challenge you and she picks up things fast. She does it in a very supportive way and her positive attitude is not just wishful thinking, and has more to do with a reflective attitude. There is depth, reflection and probably inner work behind the scene which encourage you towards living a freer life. I wish I had more people like her in my life!"

— Laurène Vetterli

My Work

Why I coach


I coach because I believe that if as individuals we enjoy a healthy and fulfilling relationship with ourselves, we build societies based on respect where each and every one of us can fully express their unique talent and beauty.


How I coach


I work both with very concrete coaching tools and with my intuition, from my deep inner sense of what is right for my clients. I fully embody what I teach because I know what it takes to get there, how brave and willing we have to be to transform our lives.



A couple of things I have done as a professional: editing and translating papyri written in ancient Greek, dealing with emergencies in an ambulance, teaching yoga and pre-hospital emergency care, looking after a community of startup entrepreneurs, interviewing inspiring people.


As for the rest, Life has taught me. You will feel when you talk with me that the teaching has been and is still every day beautiful and powerful.


Mon travail

Pourquoi je coache


Je coache parce que je suis intimement convaincue que si, en tant qu’individus, nous faisons l’expérience d’une relation épanouie et saine avec nous-mêmes, nous construisons des sociétés basées sur le respect où chacun peut exprimer entièrement et librement sa beauté et son talent uniques.


Comment je coache

Je travaille à la fois avec des outils de coaching très concrets et avec mon intuition, à partir de ce que je ressens comme profondément juste pour mes clients. J’incarne totalement ce que j’enseigne parce que je sais ce que cela demande, à quel point il faut du courage et de la volonté pour transformer sa vie.

Quelques éléments de ma carrière professionnelle : éditer et traduire des papyri écrits en grec ancien, gérer des urgences dans une ambulance, enseigner le yoga et les soins pré-hospitaliers, m’occuper d’une communauté d’entrepreneurs fondateurs de startups, interviewer des personnalités hors du commun.


Pour le reste, c’est la Vie qui me l’a enseigné. Vous ressentirez en parlant avec moi que c’est un enseignement puissant que je continue de recevoir chaque jour avec gratitude.


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