Clarity and Courage Mastermind 2022

Founding Members Edition

Welcome to the first edition of the
Clarity and Courage Mastermind

Know with clarity what you want in life and start creating it

Can you remember or imagine a time in your life when you knew exactly what you wanted, where the next step was always clear and you were so determined that fear didn't even have the time to rush in? Can you remember or imagine the satisfaction of getting exactly what you wanted - except it was even better than that?

If you can, then you know exactly what the Clarity and Courage Mastermind has been designed for. 

There is a unique gift that no other container than a Mastermind can offer. And that is the power of a collective transformative force. In my experience, it is the fastest and most interesting way to get to living the life you truly desire. When women gather together to consciously create a positive change in their individual lives there is something close to magic that happens to and through the group.

I have dedicated myself to my personal development since a very young age but it is not until I discovered coaching that I was able to do the healing work and create a new life at the same time. In other words, by working with a coach I didn't need anymore to wait until I had given enough attention to the past to start taking care of my present and nurturing my future.


I was finally able to know what I wanted for myself in life, to say it out loud, and to create it. I could also understand the reasons behind the obstacles I was sometimes facing and learn to extract the wisdom they held. That was already a massive change!


But then I experienced the power of a group of women wisely held and guided in a proper container. It potentialised everything.


It gave me access to even truer aspects of my personality and the freedom to express them and feel legitimate to do so. I began to understand the truth of what I had heard and read so many times: we are the creators of our lives. And I want you to experience this sensation of absolute clarity, trust, and confidence too. That is why I have created the Clarity and Courage Mastermind. Because this feeling is the most exhilarating and humbling mix of power, joy, expansion, gratitude, and love - it is pure aliveness. 

What makes this Mastermind so powerful is that it allows you to benefit not only from my insight but also from that of seven other out-of-the-ordinary women like you. Every bit of support you receive and give is magnified by the collective force of the group. As we do the work together, you grow in clarity, confidence, and capabilities. And when we come to the action-taking part of the program, you can draw inspiration and connections from an abundance of possibilities, networks, and circles - including mine. 

By learning to celebrate yourself and the others along the journey, you grow personally and you elevate the energy of the group. Ultimately, it comes back to you enriched by that of each participant, thus accelerating and anchoring deeper your personal transformation.


No other container can offer such a powerful combination!

Because this type of adventure is not for every one and primarily relies on your commitment to doing the work and on your trust in me, I recommend you first get a sense of who I am. Watch the video below and see if my approach and my energy resonate with you.






I also invite you to read what former clients say about their 1:1 experience with me.

I know that joining a program such as this one might bring up a series of questions. I regularly find myself in the position you are in at the moment: about to register for a deeply transformative experience. This mix of excitement and apprehension is a sign that the rewards of following what is calling you will be worth more than anything you could ever imagine! 

So, for those of you who want more info to help you make a decision, you are invited to the Q&A session I will be hosting on Tuesday, 30th of August at 8 pm CEST. Follow this link to register and get the recording. That said, I already want to address now some of the concerns you may have:

This sounds interesting but I am not sure I have enough time for it.

This is a very relevant question to ask. And only you have the answer. I expect you to attend every session and be fully present out of respect for yourself, for the group and for me. If you are truly committed to creating something new in your life, a long-lasting experience that is deeply satisfying to YOU - not to your boss, to your mother, to your partner, to your kids, to your friends, to Instagram and the rest of the world but to YOU - then you will find the time. And you will see your decision confirmed by every session. 

I am sure it will do wonders for the other participants but I am almost equally convinced it will not work for me...

Have you ever felt just a bit of an overwhelming emotion? Or on the contrary complete numbness that was so annihilating you would have preferred excruciating pain instead to, at least, feel something? Have you ever noticed unwanted situations regularly reoccurring in your life? Yes? If so, then welcome to the big family of human beings! You are unique but in many aspects, you are made exactly like every one of us.


Coaching is a work we perform on emotions, behaviours, and mental patterns. If you answered "yes" to my question, then you have exactly what it takes to do the work and to make it work for you. And the fact that you doubt your capacity will make every achievement even more powerful and satisfying.

I am interested but I don't feel comfortable sharing in a group.

True, sharing in a group can sometimes be challenging. However: this is not any group. This is a curated intimate circle of eight women selected through a thorough application process. I have invested a lot of attention in creating a container that is truly a safe and sacred space for all of us. The point of a Mastermind is to tap into the collective energy and dare to go beyond what you are capable of just on your own. Yes, the group might be a challenge at times but it is a loving one. Its nature is that of a supportive and nourishing force. 

Let me also remind you that YOU are the one who chooses for yourself and for your life. You might live in a context that makes the exercise of a choice difficult, perhaps even threatening. But in the framework of the Clarity and Courage Mastermind, you are safe to make your own decisions. If it speaks to you, I invite you to make yours the following affirmation: "We are in 2022, I am safe, and I am the one who decides for myself."

You can be very invested in the group and in your own development without revealing much about your private life. You can also take a chance on trusting and maybe discover that when you are surrounded by people who just want to see you happily being yourself, then there is strength, not danger, in sharing a bit more of the beautiful person you are. 

If you want to start exploring and dip your toes in the waters of clarity and courage, here are a few simple exercises for you. Pick one according to what you want more of in your life at the moment - clarity, courage or healing - and see where it takes you!​

Clarity and Courage Mastermind 2022 Overview

Tuesdays 8 pm CEST

27/09/2022 to 21/03/2023

  • 12x bi-weekly 90' live call over six months

  • daily mutual support in the Mastermind messages thread

  • Mastermind workbook

  • additional coaching exercises to deepen your experience

  • special closing ceremony


Founding Members' Edition: only 6980€.

From next year on, the investment will be 23,000€. 


One-time payment or 6-month payment plan. 


  • welcome pack (a little something just for you in your physical mailbox)

  • 1x 60' individual free coaching call with Noemi

  • 2x half-day workshop to deepen your transformation

  • and other surprises to discover on the way!

This programme is by application only and limited to 8 participants

The Clarity and Courage Mastermind has the power to transform your interrogations, your confusion, your frustration, your doubts and your self-attack into powerful forces that will allow you to identify what you truly desire for yourself in life and start creating it.


To see if this is for you, join the Q&A session I will be hosting on Tuesday, 30th of August.

And if you already know you are ready to apply, click on the button below!


Take care, 


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